Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet the Man

Hey folks, I'm Jack Johnson and I'm a professional mover and dad. It feels my life can get pretty hectic at times with everything on my plate these days. Often times I must move people in the city all day and just tire out myself. Even transferring furniture and such into self-storage devices such as a moving pod or container can be all it takes to take me out. At my age, I should probably get out of the moving business, take some more time with the family and rest a bit, but it is all I know really and it pays the bill and all, so it isn’t too bad.

Luckily, I have a supportive family to help me out when ever I have a long day of packing and moving others. I have two kids, one at age fourteen and the other at age twelve, who are growing up so fast it’s not even funny. One really enjoys computers and is looking to become a computer scientist, whatever that means, and the other is more interest in her social life than anything else. I’m doing my best to get them prepared for life. Then there is my beautiful wife that I love dearly, she puts up with a lot sometimes, which I appreciate, but she’s a trooper and like me hopes the best for everyone. Well that’s me in a very brief nutshell. I look forward to writing more about my moving life.